What are YouTube views

The most famous videos on YouTube are distinguished by a huge number of views, the number of which can reach millions and sometimes billions of marks. It is their number that determines the level of attendance, importance and popularity of the author of the video clip, more on pay for youtube view.

On the other hand, a fairly high level of views is direct access to advertisers and investors. Let’s figure out what purposes YouTube views serve, and how to increase their number for your video.

What are views and what do they give on YouTube (YouTube)
Watching a video on YouTube is an evaluation of the video by a visitor to the service. However, to confirm the status, a number of conditions are necessary: ??taking into account the duration of video playback, independent launch of the video by the user and some other features taken into account by the site administration. Why is it necessary to count for a specific video? First of all, it is a financial reward. The author of a popular video gets paid, and the amount depends on the number of views gained.

How video hosting pays money

own channel on YouTube, you can receive financial fees in three main

monetization through contextual advertising;
placement of advertisements from direct customers;
advertising your own products or services.

the method is distinguished by the presence of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s analyze each
method of financial earnings on video hosting. First of all, it is worth remembering
the fact that all three methods can only be used to promote the channel.

Connecting contextual advertising. Before applying to the Google Adsense service, you need to make sure that two prerequisites are met:

the number of subscribers exceeds 1,000;
for the previous year, the number of views was 4,000 hours or more.
After filing
applications should wait for the service’s decision to connect contextual advertising.

way — placing advertisements from direct customers. Most often, advertisers
independently find popular channels by the number of counted views,
and offer long-term cooperation. Most active video authors
use the services of professional managers who search
companies and businessmen for cooperation.

The last
the technique is most often used by those authors who have several
channels on YouTube, do business, conduct
active sales or represent partners in their videos.

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